2021 Engineering Details & Specifications

The Engineering Details & Specifications document is published by the Engineering Division of the City’s Public Works Department. This document specifies the minimum criteria for construction, maintenance and alterations outside of building structures on both public and privately controlled property and is intended to assist but not substitute competent work by design professionals and contractors.

The Engineering Division periodically updates the details and specifications provided on this page. The most recent major document update was July 2021 with the previous 2016 version also available (formerly titled “Engineering Standards”). A draft of the 2022 document is available for review until Friday February 18, 2022 with a final version anticipated to be published on Tuesday March 1, 2022. The document is freely available in PDF format viewable to various PDF viewer software programs, through the link below. Please submit any comments or corrections to the City Engineer at jbirchman@mltwa.gov (jbirchman@mltwa.gov; 425-744-6275).

2021 Engineering Details & Specifications

Draft 2022 Engineering Details & Specifications (January 2022)

Previous Versions