Button Up Your Home

  • Draft Blockers: These foam plates fit behind light switches and electrical outlets to reduce drafts that enter through those spaces. You can get a packet of 10 for about $3 and they are easy to install with only a screwdriver.
  • Heat Reflectors: These are thin sheets that fit behind radiators, to reflect heat away from the wall and into the room, thereby maximizing each radiator's efficiency.
  • Programmable Thermostat: These allow you to change the temperature (of both heating and air conditioning) at different times of day. Some also have an additional setting for weekends, when people usually spend more time at home. The thermostats range from $90 to $175, but can save 12% or more on your energy bill and pay for themselves within three years.
  • Reflective Window Film: These are thin, plastic sheets you place directly on the inside of window panes and glass doors. The film reflects inside heat back into your home, reducing the amount that is conducted outside through windows. The film, which costs about $10 a window, is easy to put on; it adheres to the window directly, or with the help of water from a spray bottle.
  • Weather Stripping: This includes plastic, foam, felt, or rubber strips that fit around window and door frames to create a tight seal and reduce heated and cooled air from escaping outside. Most are easy to apply, usually by way of a self-adhesive backing. Prices vary, but average about $5 per window or door.

Need More Help? The Home Energy Saver allows you to enter information about your home and compute what specific changes would result in energy and environmental savings.