Ready to do some birding in your own backyard? Check out the Seattle Audubon Society's Guide to Local Bird Watching to identify common species and learn about other nearby regions for excellent bird watching in your area!

Once you have become a local bird expert, invite birds into your yard by making easy bird feeders like this pine cone feeder! Share this project with friends and family, it's a great way to get kids involved. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Start by collecting some pine cones from your yard.
  • Tie a string around the top of the pine cones, and then use a spatula to cover the pine cones with peanut butter.
  • Next, roll the cones covered in peanut butter in birdseed. You can also try using oats or cornmeal in addition to the birdseed.
  • Hang the pine cones in your yard where the birds can get to them. Hanging them from trees or a backyard roof are good places to start!

To learn how to make other simple bird feeder creations check out the National Audubon Society website.

West Nile Virus

Are dead birds in your yard putting you at risk? Find out the facts regarding the virus and dead bird disposal through the Washington State Department of Health.

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