Take advantage of money saving opportunities! There are a number of financial incentives for employers to encourage employees to commute using an alternative mode of transportation.

Federal Incentives
Did you know that the Federal government allows transit and vanpool costs to be tax exempt? With a program through your employer, you could save approximately 33% of your transit or vanpooling costs. Employers also save money - each enrolled employee is exempt from FICA taxes. 

Local Incentives
Businesses can get big transit and vanpool savings for their employees with the ORCA passport. Here's the concept: buy an all inclusive annual transit and vanpool pass for all your employees and receive a massive discount on each pass. This gives a huge benefit to existing transit and vanpool users, makes it easy for any employee to hop on a bus anywhere, and keeps administration minimal. The huge savings can be shared with employees (employees can pay up to 50% of the cost).